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Drugs or Demon Possession?

A very disturbing video of a woman at an abandoned house surfaced a few days ago on Facebook. By the looks of things, the actor in the video is either demon possessed or addicted to mind-altering substances – or both. People with knowledge of drug addiction commented below the video that such behavior is consistent with drug addition, while others said it is a sign of demon possession. Some on the other hand said it is a combination of both demon possession and drug addiction since the use of mind-altering drugs give demons access to the person’s body to possess it.


A Double-Edged Sword: Why Brazilians Prefer Imported Products

Most Brazilians have an obsession for imported products, especially imported cosmetics including perfumes and colognes. Ironically, Brazil produces some of the world’s finest perfumes and perfumed products. Some of the world famous brands include Boticario, Natura, and Hinode. But despite the fact that Brazil is known for its high quality products, the general notion in Brazil is that imported products are superior. And even though they may be more costly, Brazilians will pay its weight in gold for imported products.

United States

The United States Gained Independence from Great Britain On September 3, 1783, not July 4, 1776

On July 4 every year, the United States of America celebrate “Independence Day” to remember its hard-won freedom from the British Empire. Several Hollywood blockbuster movies such as “Born on the 4th of July” and “Independence Day” mirror the theme of the American Independence from Britain. But did you know that the actual date that the United States gained independence from Great Britain was September 3, 1783 and not July 4, 1776? That’s correct. So why July 4? I’ll explain.


Sextortion and Other Forms of Cybercrimes are Difficult for Police to Fight

Sadly there are hungry people all over the world. Some of these hungry people are also evil. There are those who start a business, get a job, or pursue an education to change their realities, but others turn to a life of crime. That’s why there are so many criminals roaming the streets at night and hiding in dark alleyways. These people do not have the ability or choose not to earn money in the correct way. They choose a life of crime. Some of them rob at gunpoint, break into buildings, and steal when no one is looking. Crime takes many forms. But with the rise of internet technology, new forms of crimes have surfaced. These crimes are called “cybercrimes” because they take place in “cyberspace.” But despite being virtual in nature, they are none the less deadly.

United States

The Slap That Was Felt Around the World

On the evening of the 27th of March, 2022, at the Oscar Awards Ceremony at Dolby Theater, Hollywood, California, Comedian Chris Rock was on stage. He joked about a lot of things. Then he turned his attention to actress Jada Smith. “Jada, I love you,” he said, “…I’ll see you in the next GI Jane.”


The Utter and Ironic Failure of Chavismo

Chavismo, having its root the Bolivarian Revolutionary Movement, emerged against the backdrop of the alleged marginalization of Venezuela’s indigenous, mixed, and black populations by elite whites of Spanish descent. Founded by the late Hugo Chavez, Chavismo is a political policy which seeks to invest state riches to uplift and empower the poor – particularly the marginalized ethnic groups whom Hugo Chavez alleged have historically been oppressed by the whites of Spanish descent in Venezuela.


Will the Bible be Relevant to Humans on Mars?

This article is assuming that the Mars Mission will be a success, but who knows if it will be the next tower of Babylon? Elon Musk, as well as NASA, has ambitious plans to put millions of humans on Mars. If the plan succeeds, atheists and opponents of religion in general may have a field day.

United Kingdom

UK to Deport Middle Eastern Refugees to Rwanda

Outrage grows across the United Kingdom and the world in general as the UK Government sets plans afoot to deport an undisclosed number of refugees to the East Africa country of Rwanda. These are mostly refugees who had fled persecution and death from Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Some of them have been in the United Kingdom for decades so the news comes as a shock to them.