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Drugs or Demon Possession?

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Published: 24th of June, 2022

Last updated: June 24, 2022 at 14:18 pm

A very disturbing video of a woman at an abandoned house surfaced a few days ago on Facebook. By the looks of things, the actor in the video is either demon possessed or addicted to mind-altering substances – or both. People with knowledge of drug addiction commented below the video that such behavior is consistent with drug addition, while others said it is a sign of demon possession. Some on the other hand said it is a combination of both demon possession and drug addiction since the use of mind-altering drugs give demons access to the person’s body to possess it.

A few commenters bashed the person recording the video for filming instead of helping the woman. However, it is difficult to help someone in a condition like this, and filming them is perhaps the right thing. By filming the person and putting them on Social Media, you open the door that someone might be moved by the video and help the person. Perhaps the video might be seen by persons with the means and motive to help. Perhaps relatives of the woman might see her and be able to find her through the video. All of that is possible. So while there is indeed a negative aspect to putting certain things on Social Media, sometimes the pros outweigh the cons.

It is not clear how so many young people around the world are wafted into drug abuse, but the problem is endemic especially in the United States. Showing this video to young people, as disturbing as it is, can be a lifesaver. It can serve as a deterrent to many children who may consider doing drugs in the future. Yes, if children see the negative effects that substance abuse has on the body and mind, many of them might turn away from it. Warning children sometimes is not explicit enough to express the dangers of mind-altering substances. Sometimes you have to show them the consequences. And as unfortunate as this video is, it can be used as a force for good if you show it to children as an example of what drugs and alcohol abuse can do to the body and mind.

It is clear to see from the video that the first woman in the video, on whom this article is centered, has life threatening wounds or sores on her feet. But instead of seeking medical help, she clasps a syringe in her hand with which she will pump more damaging substances into her body. This is the road we need to save our children from going down.

We pray that someone will reach out and help this woman, and that she will turn her life around. And hopefully, her unfortunate experience will save many young lives from the claws of illegal drugs.

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