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Top and Bottom Gay Men

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First Published: 6th of July, 2022

Last updated: July 6, 2022 at 20:07 pm

Technically, gay men can be divided into several categories, but for the purposes of this article, I’ll say that gay men can be divided into two categories: top gay men and bottom gay men. The purpose of this article is to highlight the dangers gay men pose on influencing non gay men, teenagers, and children into their bed of fornication.

As I mentioned in a previous article, while I was working as a receptionist at a 5-star hotel, there was a gay chef there, and he told me a few stories about gay people – things I didn’t know before. He told me that there are two types of gay men – top gay men – that is, gay men who have a desire to bugger other men, and bottom gay men – that is, gay men who have a desired to be buggered. In other words, top gay men play the dominant role in the gay partnership, and bottom gay men play a submissive (woman) role in the man to man partnership.

The chef I was talking to identified as a bottom (submissive or woman type) gay man, and so he was attracted to straight men or men who were bisexual. In this contest, it would be easy to spot a gay man who is a bottom gay man because he will have inherent feminine tendencies such as manner of speech, occupation preference, and hand gestures. However, the top gay men would be harder to recognize as gay since they would have more masculine personality traits.

Bottom gay men are always on the drive to recruit straight men into the gaydom because they aren’t attracted to other bottom gay men. Bottom gay men want to feel like to a woman. They want to feel dominated by a real man. And that’s the problem with the gay community – the strong recruit drive which pose great risks for children, teenagers, and even vulnerable men.

I spoke with another gay man who identified as a top. He has almost no obviously gay personality traits. He says he is a top (dominant gay) who has a strong desire to bugger cute men, but he has no problem being buggered. Uggg.

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