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Vladimir Putin Under Fire for Alleged Racist “Pet Monkey” Comment

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First Published: 18th of July, 2022

Last updated: July 18, 2022 at 20:19 pm

Controversial president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is currently facing a backlash after allegedly making a racist “pet monkey” comment on Facebook. The comment did not sit well with the majority of Russians who were outright enraged and called on Putin to either issue an apology or resign. Here’s the scoop.

An influential Russian aristocrat and longtime friend of Putin deserted Russia right after the start of the Russia/Ukraine war. He traveled across several countries before reaching Africa. There, he fell in love with an African woman in her 20s and the two soon started a fairytale romance. The couple started a tour around the world and would often post photos on beaches and other romantic places.

One day, when the Russian aristocrat, who shall not be named for privacy reasons, along with his African wife, was in the Bahamas, the couple posted a photo holding hands on the beach. President Putin allegedly commented under the photo, “I see you’re taking your pet monkey with you everywhere.”

I see you’re taking your pet monkey with you everywhere.

The comment was obviously the lowest form of racism ever concocted, referring to Africans as monkeys. The Russian aristocrat became enraged. He screenshot the comment and posted it on his social media accounts causing it to go viral. The citizens of Russia are now up in arms holding placards and marching through the streets of Moscow in protest. They are calling on Putin to either offer an apology or step down as president.

President Putin in a statement responded and said that he did not make the comment and he does not have Facebook. He said that someone used a fake Facebook account with his name and photo to make the comment.

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