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Your Resume Caught the Attention of Coca Cola

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Published: 14th of August, 2022

Last updated: August 14, 2022 at 21:14 pm

Today, I received an email telling me that my resume caught the attention of Coca Cola. See screenshot below. By the way, I never submitted my resume anywhere near to the Coca Cola company, so I don’t know how it got there. And my name is not Donna.

The email reads:

donna, Coca-Cola is eager to hear from you about interviewing for their open positions. Earn up to $32/hr at a world class company known for career progression, competitive pay, and great benefits. View the positions available below and start the application process. View open positions here. Thanks.

Several clues tell you that something is not right with this email. We can begin with the poor English, but it doesn’t stop there. I analyzed the link contained in the email and it contains a virus. This is a SCAM email. If you click on the link “View open positions here,” it will download a virus that is designed to steal your information, including credit card information and passwords.


Please share this article to save someone from the scammers’ latest trick.

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