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Amphibious Cars are Now a Reality

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First Published: 1st of July, 2022.

Last updated: July 2, 2022 at 0:37 am

Amphibious cars are cars that can travel on both land and water. It may also be called water car. When amphibious cars hit the water, the wheels disengage and propellers kick it, making it a sort of boat in the water. As it glides to the shore and its wheels hit the ground again, the propellers are disengaged and the wheels start spinning again.

About 20 years ago (from 2022), amphibious cars were still a dream. They existed, but only in the embryonic stage. Ambitious companies struggled to create a working prototype of the amphibious car, but the venture was fraught with difficulties. Many challenges and technical difficulties had to be overcome. Earlier amphibious cars weren’t that aesthetically pleasing either. When the first amphibious car hit the market, it was targeted only to the super rich. It was deemed a super luxury vehicle unaffordable to the average Joe.

Fast forward to 2022, and a lot has changed. Today, dozens of companies have started to produce their own amphibious cars, and amphibious cars are becoming more and more a reality every day. The cost of producing the amphibious car is become lesser with each passing day, and on top of that, amphibious cars are becoming more efficient and visually attractive.

Predictably, amphibious cars will be affordable to the masses by 2030. After that, we’ll be talking about flying cars – that is, cars that can double as an airplane, or amphibious flying cars – cars that can travel on land, water, and air. It may seem like only a distant dream, but like everything else technology has wrought, it is only a matter of time.

Now watch this awesome amphibious car perform in the water.

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