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Young Ukrainian Fighter Pilot Leaves Grieving Wife Behind

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Published: 22nd of October, 2022

Last updated: October 22, 2022 at 22:17 pm

A young Ukrainian pilot who was killed in combat is one of the countless stories of heroism and sacrifice coming out of the war torn Region as Ukrainian patriots battle to keep Russia off their territories. He leaves to mourn his young wife who he had recently married. Stories like these are heartbreaking and sober reminders of the price of freedom – a reminder which will burn like a fire in the hearts of Ukrainians and fuel a determination to rebuild Ukraine stronger than ever.

I was perfectly aware that I was marrying an airman that if need be, he would give his life.

– Do you know what I want to tell you? I love you sooooo muchhhh…

– I am stronger than you…

– See you soon!

– Your voice is so tired… Please take care because that bad dream is disturbing..

They got married two months ago… Taras is a fighter pilot, Catherine is a flight decider… And he and she are constantly on business trips, mostly in different cities…

“In three days, finally both of us return from rotation, in a week – the birthday of our beloved,” Catherine comforted herself that evening… Taras repeatedly repeated that now it’s not at all for the celebrations, but, or not for the first time, decided to listen – cake, balloons, gift. Everything has been ordered a long time ago.. I just want to be in each other’s arms… Just a little bit more… For the past three days… “

25.09.2022… Sunday… 07:40 pm

The bell. The commander… It’s hard to breathe.

– Don’t say anything! – the girl throws up the phone.

– I don’t want to hear anything!… Katya felt the reason for the call…

– What are you saying? This is not the truth! This can’t be happening !

Misunderstanding… Trying to reach husband over and over again. “Out of the zone”… FaceTime call . . . Is not answering… What is there to do? Really? Nope!

Calls. “Catapulted? » « Looking for ? » Someone honestly said they don’t know what to say… A lot of people just didn’t pick up the phone..

Later Catherine will be told that her Taras acted like a real Hero, that he successfully completed a difficult task, which managed to say on the air: “I’m working! », that took the plane away from the settlement…

– he was a really talented pilot, one of the best, – told his comrade and fellow fighter pilot on the positive karaya, which was catapulttuvasâ in Vinnytsia the other day… – 2019th year of release, and gave a chance to significantly experienced pilots! That day Taras was on the task of destroying enemy air defense means with new AGM-88 anti-radiation missiles near the combat line. He, as usual, worked effectively on terrestrial goals, already turned around… “I see launches on me,” he managed to say on the air. This was around 4 a.m. I have not been in touch anymore. We were hoping to the last that Taras had time to catapult, waiting for him to get in touch. The search and rescue team immediately left the oriental crash site. Unfortunately… What a colossal loss…

On October 1, Taras Redkin was buried. He would have turned 26 the next day..

– He was gentle and kind, – the young widow will tell through tears. – Understand that Taras couldn’t do otherwise. Just missing him like crazy. And to be honest I don’t know what’s next.. We met when Taras came to serve in part. He was flying, and I was deciphering his flights, purely a working relationship… I should probably say I was impressed with his professionalism. And, to be honest, those sky colored eyes kept me calm. And I’ve never known such educated and fair people before that…

Catherine and Karaya seem to be talking about two completely different people. Until I ask the l туюotčika about the positive radʹkína.

– Honestly? We all called him just Tarasik. No harsh positive has ever settled down. It would seem – the deputy commander of the squadron, authoritative and responsible! But in life he was such a kind and bright person, a solid positive that and positive “clinging” is appropriate, – shares Redkin’s brother. — And his positive character did not stop him from being a fearless fighter who always put his life below the lives of Ukrainians. For example, if there is a goal to destroy a winged missile and fail to intercept it from the first time, then each of us takes as many possible measures as possible to the target, even if we risk running out of minimum safe fuel supply to to turn back. Well, if we don’t succeed, the rocket can take many lives… About your life at such moments you think last…

Katya recalls that before the war they discussed with Tarasom all possible scenarios, talked about catapultuvannâ… On the night of 23 on February 24, the young l дийotčik-Vini тоuvač stepped on standby.

– I will never forget that night. I stayed home, couldn’t sleep for a long time.. I remember Taras called: “What are you doing? » I say, “I wash the floor so you can come and the apartment is clean.” “You have to get up early, 5 o’clock flights are scheduled! » I had to wake up earlier… Already after the 3th called colleagues: “Get ready! C E R ! Fighting! » that night taras along with other lʹotčikami took the technique out of the blow, peredislokuvalisʹ. Since then, being together for at least a few hours has become a real luxury. Going forward, I’ll say that coming home to the apartment where I cleaned so hard on the night of February 23rd to 24th, we only managed four months later and not long… He always talked discreetly about combat work without much details. It was only shared over time that it was repeatedly targeted that airports were hit by missile strikes… I’m already silent about the difficult tasks I had to perform… Or was I worried ? Insane! Especially when you lose friends.. One down, a second, a third…

On May 14, Taras made Katie an offer. They planned that in exactly one year, in May 2023, they will invite parents and friends. Now it’s not for banquets…

– Already on May 18, we bought wedding rings, and it was not possible to sign up because of document problems, the passport remained at the airport in the car, unfortunately, an already deceased comrade, – explains Katya. – so the painting was a little delayed. It’s a pity not that only Taras’s dad was on the painting, because my mom and brother are abroad, and my parents are from Mykolaiv region… You have no idea how long we waited for the rotation that was about to take place. Prepared gifts, Taras’ mom sent him a parcel… I really wanted at least a little holiday…

The gift of radʹkínu was planned to be made by colleagues. KARAYA tells that they wanted to buy and equip a promising pilot a modern unloading.

– they had such a “idea fix” and, unfortunately, never had time to implement it, – says the pilot. – I can’t believe that on September 10, Taras and I were sitting at my home, on the 11th we last saw each other at the operational airport, from where we flew to different directions. After the rotation, they planned to return home together. Unfortunately, they returned without Taras…

Both Katya and Taras’ colleagues tell how he dreamed of moving from old fighters to modern F-16, deeply studied English, which he knew well before.

– I was handed his notebooks, all the edge pages are written in specific English terms… We literally watched both Top Gun movies to the max. Taras has changed a lot in these few months of the war, he has grown tremendously in terms of experience, responsibility, he has grown for decades… What people learn gradually, he has mastered “from the wheels”…

Katya shares that despite the fact that the job of a fighter pilot is one of the most dangerous, Taras was incredibly high from it.

– I was perfectly aware that I’m marrying a combat pilot that when needed he would give his life to save people… But I so wanted to believe in the best… Now I hope only on one thing – that the people who at the cost of their lives saved by Taras appreciated it… And all Ukrainians, when they hear “air alarm crash” or read about victories on the front, understood at what price they sometimes gain…


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