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Brazil in Grave Danger of Civil War

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The video posted here was sent in to this publication by our correspondents on the ground in Brazilia. They claim that the Brazilian man in the video committed suicide after he was arrested for participating in anti-Lula protests. With the swearing in of Lula Da Silva, Brazil edges closer to a civil war as pro-Bolsonaro Brazilian protestors say they won’t let Lula rule.

Months after Lula was declared the winner of the Brazilian General Elections, protests across the country has not calmed. In fact, the protests have gotten worse, and according to our corresondents in Brazil, at least 3 persons have already lost their lives and many more are wounded.

According to our correspondents in Brazilia, Brazilian Police have arrested and imprisoned approximately 1200 persons. The protestors are allegedly being held in inhumane conditions with little to no food and water and are being treated harshly. Lula detractors have compared the imprisonment of protestors to that of Nazi Concentration Camps.

In the video above, the Brazilian man who recorded the video in a Lula detention camp is decrying the deplorable conditions under which protestors are being held after arrest. He explains that there is just one washroom for thousands of people, no heating, and very little blankets. There are very old people and children among those detained. He appeals to the world to spread this video around the world to show the world the deplorable conditions under which protestors are being detained. Further, sources have said that the Lula administration has cut off the internet and lights of protestors who were detained, blocking them from sending out information of human rights abuses.

Brazilians say that letting Lula remain in power is not an option. They say they fear communist ideologies which can send the country tumbling down the drain like neighboring Venezuela. Protestors say that Lula has strong connections and similar ideologies to Nicolas Maduro who oversaw the destruction of the Venezuelan economy and sent millions of Venezuelans fleeing starvation and seeking refuge in foreign countries. Protestors say they fear that Brazil will suffer a similar fate if Lula remains in power, but they won’t let that happen.

Brazilians Need Help

In the video above, a Brazilian woman decries abuses of the Lula administration and the inhumane way they are treating protestors and those they arrest.

Brazilian protestors say they need the intervention of world powers to save the country from communism and what they fear Lula might do to the country if he remains in power. They have claimed nationwide electoral fraud and said that Lula remains in power through corruption.

This publication interviewed approximately 100 Brazilians so far on the subject. 10 percent said that they prefer Lula while 90 percent say they are Bolsonaro supporters. The 90% in support of Bolsonaro say they are sure that the elections were rigged in favor of Lula and that they can prove it.

While the Lula administration has made thousands of arrests and is the process of trying 39 high level officials for treason, the future of Brazil is unclear. In the United States, former President Jair Bolsonaro has softened his stance saying that the storming of the Supreme Court, the Presidential Palace, and the Congress Building on January 8 was “regrettable.” However, Bolsonaro supporters have maintained that they can’t live with a Lulu government and that they fear for the future of their children and the country of Brazil.

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