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Vladimir Putin Says he Wants More Children to Slaughter

The photo above shows Russian president Vladimir Putin to the left. On the right is a Russian “soldier” who was captured in Ukraine near the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. How old does he look? Like a child right? Good guess. And that’s what Putin is all about: throwing children into harm’s way. Putin is always engaged in a war, whether it be in the Middle East or right home by the border with Ukraine. And he needs more lives to sacrifice in these wars.


Your Resume Caught the Attention of Coca Cola

Today, I received an email telling me that my resume caught the attention of Coca Cola. See screenshot below. By the way, I never submitted my resume anywhere near to the Coca Cola company, so I don’t know how it got there. And my name is not Donna.


Woman Accidentally Cuts Off Man’s Penis

A Tictok video has gone viral showing a woman accidentally cutting off a man’s penis. It is not possible to determine from watching the video whether the man is her husband or boyfriend, but it is clear that they were in an intimate relationship at the time of the incident, or accident.


Putin Bears a Striking Similarity to Adolf Hitler

There will be no winner in the Russia/Ukraine war, regardless of the outcome. This war is a catastrophe of monumental proportions which is unfortunately being facilitated and cheered on by world powers which could easily put an end to it. Putin has portrayed himself to be a heartless criminal on par with the likes of Adolph Hitler. What’s ironic is that Russia had played an instrumental role in helping to defeat Hitler during World War 11.


Why You Should Never Send Nudes to Anyone Over the Internet

Sextortion, to put it simply, is blackmailing someone for money after tricking them into sending nude photos during an intimate conversation. The criminal threatens to splatter the nudes to close friends and family of the victim unless he or she pays up. Most of the time, the victim is a male, and the criminal is a female or a male pretending to be a female. In many instances, police uncovered that females were being held at gunpoint and forced to play roles in these types of crimes.