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Vladimir Putin Says he Wants More Children to Slaughter

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Published: 21st of August, 2022

Last updated: August 21, 2022 at 22:21 pm

The photo above shows Russian president Vladimir Putin to the left. On the right is a Russian “soldier” who was captured in Ukraine near the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. How old does he look? Like a child right? Good guess. And that’s what Putin is all about: throwing children into harm’s way. Putin is always engaged in a war, whether it be in the Middle East or right home by the border with Ukraine. And he needs more lives to sacrifice in these wars.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started in February 2022 to today, 21st of August, 2022, the population of Russia has significantly declined. This is partially because of the loss of Russian lives in the war as well as outward migration by Russian citizens who were disappointed with or angered by the Kremlin’s move.

But Putin has hatched a new plan. He wants to combat the ongoing depopulation of Russia by incentivizing women to produce more offspring in a shorter amount of time. In other words, Putin only sees women as sex objects and baby making machines. Now, Putin says he will pay women 1 million Russian Rubles, which is equivalent to about 16,000 United States dollars, for making 10 healthy and alive babies. The successful mothers of ten will also receive the “Mother Heroine” medal.

But it’s a selective process, and there are terms and conditions. The children must have been given the “appropriate level of care for health, education, physical, spiritual and moral development.” Only God in heaven knows what Putin means by that by the way. Further, all ten children must be alive unless they died during military, official, or civic service, or in a terrorist attack. The monetary reward along with the medal will be awarded when the 10th child turns 1 year old.

Vladimir Putin has already signed the decree sometime last week (between the 14th and 20th of August), and it shows the blatant disregard he has for human life. Why not make more babies so that we can throw them to the dogs and use them as cannon fodder? Putin just has no respect for a precious human life. He sees innocent children as pawns in his game of chess.

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