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A Theory on the Evolution of Human Life

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Published: 2nd of September, 2022

Last updated: September 2, 2022 at 1:10 am

Please note that this article in no way seeks to discredit the biblical story of creation or the God of the bible, but to express an observation that can perhaps only be explained by God.

The bible tells us that God made the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. Because of disobedience, the first man and woman were chased out from the Garden of Eden and sent out to the earth. “And God cursed the earth,” because of the sin of Adam. From there, the first man and woman multiplied and replenished the face of the earth. And that’s how we have nearly 8 million people on earth today.

But this story leaves many unanswered questions. For example, did the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve marry their own siblings? This isn’t so hard to believe. After all, if they were the only people tasked with replenishing the earth, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But the bible also mentions a city to which Cain fled after killing Abel without explaining how that city was built or populated. There are lots of unanswered questions that perhaps only God can explain to us.

The purpose of this article is to examine the theory that life is always evolving out the of the forests. And that humans are always forming in forested areas, perhaps evolving first into animals before taking human form.

If you travel to any part of the world: Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, you name it, you are bound to find humans in the forested areas of those landmasses. When Christopher Columbus arrived in South America, he found natives there. These natives had no technology. Their most advanced technology was a bow and arrow, and a canoe that can only be used to cross streams and small rivers. They had no sailing ships or aircraft. So how did the natives arrive on these landmasses? Where did they come from.

There is one theory that the earth was one landmass before it split apart into the continents and islands, and that’s how people now exist in all these islands, countries, and continents. But this theory doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. For one, it isn’t in line with the biblical story of creation which says that God separated the oceans from the landmasses before creating humans. Secondly, it doesn’t explain how humans appeared on volcanic islands – islands that were formed through volcanic eruptions – such as Grenada. When the British colonized Grenada, there were already native Indians on the island. How did they get there?

If these natives used technology to arrive on these remote places, then they would still have those technologies and would be building on them – like the Europeans and other civilizations. But it is clear that the natives of islands and continents know nothing of technology beyond a canoe and bow and arrow.

My theory is that human life is always forming in the hearts of forests, perhaps near to rivers. Just like animals are evolving, humans are evolving out of forested areas. Wherever there is a dense forest, life evolves. First animals evolve and then these animals evolve into humans over millions of years. These first primitive humans then identify as natives or indigenous. However, with time, they migrate out to more civilized environments, acquire technologies, intermarry, etc., and lose their native identifies. New natives keep forming and moving out of the forests, and the cycle of life goes on and on.

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