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For the Queen’s Haters

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Published: 9th of September, 2022

Last updated: September 9, 2022 at 22:46 pm

Please. What group of humans on the planet didn’t pillage and plunder one another from the onset of our origin as a species? Indigenous and African peoples have waged tribal wars and even enslaved each other for thousands of years. Some continue even to this day.

From the Jews to the Romans, to the Islamic Empire and then Genghis Khan, every group of people needed to organize themselves into a structured command system to provide defense. For the British people, this resulted in the British Monarchy.

Don’t be a hater because the British Empire mastered the game for hundreds of years. They weren’t conquering and plundering humans or lands any more or less virtuous or righteous than themselves. They were just better at it. Human history is savage. It’s not a story of good or bad. It’s a story of who was stronger in every struggle great and small.

I think it’s sad. And while I wrote this already somewhere else, I think that she took the post of what she believed was her destiny so seriously and gave her entire life over to it. I obviously do not believe in royal rule from my enlightened perspective and experience in the modern world that has the ignorant luxury of the stability that provides the democracy I’ve grown up in. But I do believe that she ruled so well and so fairly from such an incredibly young age given a charge of such monumental magnitude.

Globally, we are under much worse now. At least rulers of the past were out in the open. I believe she should be honored. She could have been any kind of leader. She used her days to secure and improve the lives of the people of her own kingdom as well as the lives of those from other lands with compassion and logic to the best of her given abilities and circumstances while preserving her family as properly as she could.

No evolutionary line of power, government, and rule is pure. She came from a legacy that spanned hundreds of years back into other millennia, far beyond the reaches that our modern day sensibilities could possibly understand, let alone judge. Humans can’t be judged by what they descend from, only what they do in their own life. She helped deliver an ancient kingdom into a modern world selflessly and intelligently. I am sad to see her go.

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