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The Statue of Liberty

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Published: 23rd of October, 2022

Last updated: October 23, 2022 at 18:06 pm

The Statue of Liberty is an iconic monument erected in Manhattan, New York, USA. For Americans, and people everywhere, it is a symbol of freedom, hope, and democracy. The French people built the Statue of Liberty and gave it as a gift to the American people during the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War, also called American/British War or the American War for Independence, was the war between the newly formed United States of America and its motherland, Great Britain. It was a war for America’s independence from the British Crown.

Although there were many British sympathizers during the Revolutionary War, most Americans felt that the Prince of England, at that time King George III, was implementing tyrannical rule in the United States which included heavy taxes that burdened the American people. The French joined the Americans in the fight against the British and gave the Statue of Liberty as a gift to the American people after the war was won.

At the foot of the Statue of Liberty is inscribed the following poem:

Send me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The Wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these the homeless, Tempest toss to me. I lift my lamp behind the golden door.

After winning the Revolutionary War, the Americans went on to create the greatest economy of all times, and the world’s richest and powerful nation. America, throughout the centuries, has been known for its famous rags to riches success policy – which proposes that anyone, regardless of their background or beginnings, can create the life of their dreams through hard work. For this reason, America was known of the land of opportunity, and the Statue of Liberty a symbol of freedom and prosperity.

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