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International Police Hunting for Cybercriminals Using Guyanese Number

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First Published: 1st of July, 2022

Last updated: July 2, 2022 at 2:57 am

International Police are now on the hunt for a cybercriminal or criminals using a Guyanese number to cyberbully and extort people. Interpol is now actively involved in tracking down a criminal or a criminal group believed to be located in Guyana. Police are now using high tech devices to try to track the criminals’ location. They say they plan to shoot the criminal upon sight. Police say they have located the criminal to a 5 mile radius. It is now only a matter of time before they zero in on the exact location and take down the criminal.

What the police know so far is that the criminal is possibly located in Guyana, South America, and is using the mobile numbers 592 601 0582, 592 636 3592, and a Fake Facebook Profile named Rema Singh. Police have already used this data to zero in on the criminal’s approximate location. The police say they are confident that they know the location of the criminal within a 5-mile radius, and it is only a matter of time before they find them.

Interpol says it is negotiating with local police to enter the country by air. If the criminals attempt to run, or resist arrest in any form, they will be shot dead.

New laws have been enacted against cybercrimes of these nature, especially sextortion, and the offence now carries a maximum penalty of life in imprisonment or death by hanging. John Wagner, spokesperson for Interpol’s 1st Division of the Western Hemisphere, says he is confident he can impose the death sentence on the criminal or criminals they are presently hunting, who is using phone numbers 592 601 0582 and 592 636 3592 and a Fake Facebook profile named Rema Singh.

According to Wagner, the criminals targeted a young US based Guyanese and lured him into sending nudes. They are now threatening to splatter the nude photos of the male across social media if he does not pay them a ransom. The victim has contacted Interpol and also provided the information necessary for Interpol to locate the criminals. Wagner said they will get the job done.

International Police are presently combing the internet and using data provided to pinpoint the device(s) on which the said nude photos are located. Using this data, they will arrest all those who are associated with those devices on which the nudes are found. Police say they have zero tolerance for these types of criminals who have cost the state a lot of money. If they attempt to resist arrest or run, they will be shot dead.

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